Due to the fact that our products are 100% organic, i.e., straight from nature  the color will vary.

Heat Exposure

Please store our products in a cool, dry place! Heat exposure compromises the integrity of our products! If your products have been exposed to heat store in a freezer to re-solidify for 4-6 hours minimum.

Shea Butter

Our shea butter is 100% unrefined, virgin, Grade A shea butter. So you know you are getting all the vitamins nature has to offer!

Momma + Baby

Yes ma'am! Our Body Butter is perfect for pregnant mommas who has the case of the itchy stretching belly, like our CEO with her first child. Can you believe it got rid of her dark stretch marks and soothed her dry, itchy skin? Thank God for nature. In addition, our Body Butter is the only thing we will let touch our babies skin, and only has! As a bonus use it as a back and foot massage for the widdle feet! They'll love it!

Please consult a physician before use of our body butter and hair balm as our hair balm contains essential oils. 

What is your Return Policy?

Due to the nature of our product we are unable to accept returns. If you are unhappy with your product please shoot us an email so we can resolve the issue together!


Yes we ship worldwide! Thanks to globalization we are able to ship and send our amazing products to the far ends of the Earth.

Body Butter + Eczema

Yes, our Body Butter healed our daughters Eczema! Will it do the same for you? Well, our body butter does contain skin loving nutrients that may help relieve you or your loved ones symptoms of eczema. Please consult your physician for any health related conditions as our products have not been reviewed by a medical professional and are should not be used as medicinal. 


All of our oils and butters are 100% organic. This way you get the peace of mind knowing that you are using chemical free products on both your skin and hair.

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