Our Story

Yenisi Beauty was founded on love and in love. The love of a husband supporting his wife in  pursuit of her dreams of all things natural. This same love has been extended to our customers with natures best ingredients for your hair and body. We spared no expense  finding quality ingredients that are 100% organic,  and vegan. In this way, we can all enjoy the fruit of the love that began with our Chief Operating Officer, Walter Lethermon.

Our mission is to

l o v e.



Yes! That easy. We are a 
simple, vegan, organic hair and skin care company. We also pride ourselves in using fair trade cocoa butter, and coconut oil. Why, you ask? Simple, because we love our planet and the Creator who created it! We delight in playing our part in creation by loving people, plants, and
animals alike. In other words, we love all things creation!


We said it! Yenisi Beauty is 100% chemical free! We love our bodies too much to
damage them with harmful
chemicals that we can't spell or pronounce
correctly. Yikes! When we say plant-based, we mean no
fillers, harmful preservatives, or unnatural fragrances. Our mission is to use ingredients solely from our beautiful Earth.


Surely, you should know how much we love our planet and all things in it that we wouldn't  want to harm the beautiful creatures that fill it. NONE of our products are tested on 
animals in any shape or
fashion. In this way, we play our part in keeping the 
animals safe in their
natural habitat!


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